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Windows That Make Your Home More Efficient:

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-Please describe the background of your company and your qualifications.

Big Sky Construction Services, provides the professional installation of high-quality interior and exterior products. Headquartered in the Atlanta area and a family owned and operated company. Big Sky Construction Services offers a full menu of services for both our Commercial and Residential clients. Our certified crews have been building and installing in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. We have extensive training on meeting and exceeding the manufacturer's installation requirements. Big Sky Construction Services ensures that our services and products are the best in the industry. Our work is guaranteed and backed up by industry leading Key Performance Indicators and Standard Operating Procedures.

Our business continues to thrive, because we care about our clients and back our work and the products we install with a workmanship warranty. We are licensed and insured for both commercial and residential work. We work closely with all of our manufacturers to ensure that we are in compliance and certified to install all the products that we offer.

- Can these windows help me reduce my energy costs?

We purchase and install many different types of windows from a long list of manufacturers. One our favorites and one that our clients really seem to enjoy is Simonton. Simonton provides a fantastic catalogue of windows that keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is typically done with "Low E "glass which is a terrific example of how to reduce your energy bill and reduce the overall impact on the environment. Secondly Simonton is an energy star partner working with the Department of Energy to lower overall energy costs nationwide.

- Why does my home need fade protection from the sun?

Fade protection is a very strong component of why we need to install high quality windows. Fading can happen over a long period of time or even overnight. A large component is the UV light. This means installing a window with the "Low E "glass will help prevent this from happening. Preventing the UV light along with Heat will help mitigate or eliminate fading as much as 65%-70%.

- How do these windows help control the temperature in my home?

The key to installing a great window is using a product that is designed to help you year round. That means in the summer the window is eliminating the heat and helps to keep your house at cool temperature without your Air Conditioning working 24/7. In the winter just the opposite keeping the heat in your house and not letting it out. The products we offer are very efficient and the cost savings is immediate. Not only in your energy bill which will be immediately impacted; in the medium to long term with your Heating and Air Conditioning Units, as they will not have to work as hard(assuming they are maintained correctly.)

- What are some other window options you offer?

We are very fortunate to have commercial relationships with the nation's largest suppliers. Some of the other Window manufacturers we offer are: Amcraft, Atrium, Ellison, Kolbe, Ply Gem, MI Windows, Silver Line, Vinylmax, Wincore, Trimline, Jeld-wen. We also have commercial relationships with companies like The Home Depot, this is important because quite often our clients will see what they want in The Home Depot. What many people may or may not realize is that The Home Depot is the only supplier of a specific model of window. We like to be as flexible as we can for our clients, helping them make the best and most informed decision.

- What are some other benefits associate with the Vinyl Windows?

There are many benefits to associated with Vinyl Windows. The first that comes to mind is toughness and durability. In the past windows have been made of wood. As wood is a natural product it does succumb to the elements over time. Vinyl holds up very well. In terms of overall cost, they are very affordable and are maintenance free. Also, in line with the questions above a vinyl window meets our energy efficiency standards. And finally, there are a lot of options when making a choice.

- What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Our name is Big Sky Construction Services, Inc. Our home on the internet is . Please feel free to fill out one of the forms on our site .

Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 678-401-7067.


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